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56 mins | USA | UK | Israel
Documentary | Medical | Ethics | China | Politics

Directed by two-time Emmy Award-winner, Ken Stone, Hard To Believe is a serious investigation into one of the most horrifying crimes of our time, that questions: “Why is it that so few people seem to be paying attention?”

The mass murder of prisoners of conscience in China, for the sale of their organs to foreign patients—comes to life through personal stories, including an author’s 7-year investigation, a doctor’s confession, and an examination of the facts. The mystery remains: why is the crime yet to be stopped.

“An important, timely and deeply disturbing account of one of the great human rights abuses of our time.” ~ Dr. Arthur Caplan, PhD, Founding Director of the Division of Medical Ethics, NYU

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10 mins | USA
Short film | China | Religion | Human Rights

Answers to how 70 million meditators in China became the target of a brutal persecution by the communist regime. The abuse has lasted since 1999 and still continues to this day.

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Feature Length (In Production)

A mild-mannered engineer reunites with his family in San Francisco after 12 years in a Chinese prison. Against his wife’s wishes, he decides to build a replica of the torture chair that left him crippled, to seek justice for his sister’s murder, and to tell his story to the English-speaking world.

Since 2000, there have been more Chinese immigrants coming to America than from any other country, and the majority of them are settling in San Francisco ( yet so few are willing to have a spotlight put on their personal lives for fear of political repercussions from the Chinese communist party both in America and in China. This family story bridges a divide between cultures and brings an English-speaking audience deep into the heart of one of these millions of Chinese families living in America.

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